Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday March 18th

Good morning everyone. This morning I was in the mood for an omelet. I looked around the kitchen, in the refrigerator to see what I had. A left over bun from homemade subs the other night. Some chopped onions. A little baked ham sliced thin. Eggs. Sounds like a good start. I sauteed the onions and the ham in grapeseed oil. It's good for the heart. Once the onions where becoming translucent, I removed the mixture and poured beaten eggs into the hot pan. While it cooked, I buttered the bun (real butter), and placed it under a hot broiler to toast it. Once the eggs firmed up, I flipped them, and placed the onion/ham on half of the eggs. I found some shredded Sargento sharp Cheddar cheese and poured some on top. I let the cheese melt slightly and flipped the eggs without the mixture over to cover the onion/ham/cheese side. I sprinkled more cheese on top of the omelet. By this time the buns where toasted. Pulled them out, set it on a plate, and returned to the omelet. Everything looks good so far. I slide the omelet onto the bun a poured some salsa atop the whole thing.
I can't wait to dig in.

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