Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Feb. 12th

I wasn't in much of a cooking mood this morning, but had to make something. So I fired up the egg/sausage cooker and threw something together. I just had one egg and one pork sausage patty with cheese and to change things up, I rolled it in a flour tortilla. Different right? I sprinkled a little Perfect Pinch on the egg, a little ground black pepper on the patty and the cooker steamed the two. When it finished I placed a slice of mild cheddar cheese from Gibbsville on the patty and covered it back up to melt. While the cheese melted I threw the tortilla into the microwave for a few seconds to warm up. I placed the sausage and egg on the tortilla and folded it sort of haphazardly, creating this delicious breakfast sandwich. I just thought, post-eating, I have salsa in the refrigerator I could have poured on the top of the egg. I also thought during this writing, I could have fired up the griddle and browned the tortilla slightly with a little butter or some cooking spray. Either way, it was good.
The cook time was maybe five minutes tops. I'm sure it took longer writing this blog than to make breakfast.

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