Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Feb. 5th

Well, this is my first blog and my first posting. Hope everyone enjoys it. What I have for breakfast today is a simple egg, sausage, muffin with cheese. I have a kitchen appliance that makes the process real simple, so I use it often.
I buttered the muffin and fried it on the griddle while waiting for the egg and sausage to cook. I bought a package of spicy sausage so that should give the sandwich a little zing. The cheese is just American cheese from Kraft. I totaled up what it cost me to make and it came up to 60 cents. The time it took was a few minutes.
Biting in was a joy. The crunch from the fried muffin and the buttery flavor, the spice from the sausage. All I can say is "Mmm". Beats going to a fast food joint.

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