Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Feb. 6th

I asked my wife what to make for breakfast and she said pancakes. I looked in the cupboard and found some boxed Jiffy Raspberry muffin mix, so I decided to make them into pancakes. I fried up a pound of bacon and placed them on paper toweling to soak up some or most of the bad stuff and proceeded to make the pancakes. It takes very little time for pancakes to cook when the griddle is at 400 degrees. I applied some olive oil cooking spray beforehand and then flip them when needed. I think they turned out well, though I didn't have any fresh fruit to have with it. Some strawberries or even fresh raspberries would complement this dish perfectly. The bacon was crispy, the way I like it, and the maple syrup was warmed up before pouring it on the pancakes. I did spread a little butter on the pancakes before the syrup, old habit, and then wah-lah! Breakfast is served.

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