Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Feb. 11th

Today I'm making an omelette. I am making a 3 egger, with ham and mild cheddar cheese and a small amount of cream cheese. I diced the ham and fried it, with a little canola cooking spray, until it was browned. While the ham was cooking I placed the cream cheese in the microwave to soften for a little bit. The cream cheese was in a small blender container, so I added the eggs and a dash of milk, so the mixture wouldn't be real thick. I opted to put the milk in, although I may not have had to. I pulsed the blender a couple times and it turned out great.
By this time the ham was brown, so I removed it from the pan on paper towel to soak up any fat or whatever. I poured about a half cup water in the pan to removed the ham residue, which cooks off rather nicely. Not doing this, the eggs will stick to the pan no matter how much cooking spray you use. I poured the water out, sprayed the pan and poured in the eggs. I sprinkled some Perfect Pinch on, covered the pan and let it cook a few minutes. While this cooked I cut a few slices of cheese. I lifted the cover and the eggs fluffed up to like 3 inches high. It right away went down, so I proceeded to flipping it over. I placed the ham on half of the eggs and placed two slices of cheese on it. By the way the cheese is from Gibbsville. Thanks guys, your cheese is the best.
I replaced the cover and turned the heat off at this point. The eggs are primarily cooked and just need a little browning. After a minute I remove the cover, flip the empty side over on top of the ham/cheese side and place two more slices of cheese on the top and replace the cover to melt the new cheese. There still is enough heat in the pan to melt the cheese and not burn the eggs. I use an electric stove, so your mileage may vary if you use gas or the glass top. Experiment a little.
Afterwards I slide out the omelette on my plate and start enjoying. I would normally have added some onion and fried it with the ham because the onion adds some real good flavor to the ham and the eggs. I just didn't have any on hand.

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